Welcome to Yogadharnendra

Yoga Dharnendra is a Multipurpose Charitable Society, founded by Dr. Tanu Varma. It is a Non-governmental organization which provides education to the underprivileged children and performs various activities to develop their whole personality and moral values. Yoga Dharnendra is a Multipurpose welfare organization. It was started in Dec 2010, near the banks of ‘Holy Ganges’ in the small town of Rishikesh, Uttrakhand India.

At the stage of commencing, there were only ten kids participating from the slums of Rishikesh. But, as it has grown further this charitable society occupied, near about forty five children till now. Enjoying and cherishing their lives through it. The core objective of this group is to provide basic education to the children, who could not afford it due to inadequate resources and poverty. Yoga Dharnendra has also its associate branch in Nagpur Maharashtra, which has been started in the year 2014 and working simultaneously at both the places, helping children’s to educate and secure their future.

Childern's Words

"We are the kids of Yoga Dharnendra Multipurpose Charitable Society; we have found a new life in this struggling world. A world where we have to face many challenges. Life in our society is a dream for us. Life near bank of “Maa Ganga” is the only heaven for us. We are not alone, we are all together we love each other, we can reach the world, we can cherish and we can blossom."

"Let every children forced to be on street have education."