We cannot do without you.

The coordination and responsibility for the yogadharnendra charitable Project is in the hands of skilled teachers, qualified staff and managers with the help from volunteers and local supporters BUT the only way the project can survive is with the continuing foundation of financial contributors i.e. the people sponsoring us and donating to the project.

For this help we are very grateful and thank you on behalf of the kids and young people you are supporting with us

When you sponsor and donate we provide

  • Books and other lesson materials like pencils, pencil cases, schoolbags etc.
  • Healthcare including operations, medical aid, as well as support for the visually- and hearing impaired.
  • Food and Clothing
  • Construction and maintenance work
  • Basic salary for teachers and the manager

For this to continue we invite you to join us and help the children of Rishikesh. Even small donations will make a big difference in expanding this project to reach out to more underprivileged children and upgrade the help we provide through the project even further.

Our details are as follows

Please note that in general donations are deductible from revenue and income taxes. If you would like to receive a receipt of your donation we will provide you with one