Volunteer Form

I hereby declare that the above information provided is authentic and that I am willing to be a volunteer at Yogadharnendra Charitable Society.

Hereby I also agree to the following terms and conditions:
  • The volunteer involved with the Yogadharnendra Charitable Society do not receive payment of any kind for the work and is vice versa also not obliged in any way to give donations, gifts, benefits or money for the time they are involved. If donations, gifts, benefits or money of any sorts are to be given to Yogadharnendra Charitable Society it is only to happen in agreement with the manager in charge and may never happen unsupervised for any reason.
  • The volunteer is agreeing to wear dresscode that is respective to the formal Indian general standard.
  • Yogadharnendra does not provide accomodation (but can help with arrangements), give food, or supplies for the volunteers involved with Yogadharnendra unless this has a specific purpose of a relevant non-personal project/workshop. In such case this has to be arranged with the manager in charge in form of a written agreement signed and agreed upon by all involved.
  • Cameras, phones, and other electronic equipment is strictly to be used by agreement with the manager in charge and only for specific purposes. Also uploads of pictures, video, sound to the internet in any form personal or non-personal is strictly to be allowed by the manager and if not abided by may result in permanent exclusion or if necessary involvement with the police or government.
  • While involved with the organization volunteers are their own responsibility and are not covered by insurances of Yogadharnendra Charitable society for medical or other healthcare issues whatsoever.
  • Volunteers are abiding by strict Confidentiality both for your time involved in the project as well as after your period of involvement. This means that any sensitive information, knowledge personal as well as non-personal is not to be discussed, written down or passed on to others in any way. If you are to pass on information or knowledge of any kind this has to be arranged and agreed upon by the board of Yogadharnendra Charitable society.
  • Smoking, drinking or any intake of other substances is strictly prohibited within the organizational grounds.
  • The volunteer is adviced to make a minimum of appearance at a basis of 2-3 days a week as long as he/she is committed to the volunteering in form of teaching, workshops or projects. If for any reason there is exceptions to this it is to be discussed and informed to the manager in charge in advance.